Celebrating Alabama

Celebrating Alabama

This morning I stopped at my favorite local stop for tea, quiche and scones—The Cambridge Tea House—for quiche and an order of bacon.

“I’m celebrating Alabama,” I said. The cashier smiled. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Home, I read the paper’s headline story and enjoyed my breakfast while perusing The Washington Post’s
Preliminary exit poll results: How different groups voted in Alabama.”  It’s worth a look. And before I hurry off to work, I have to say “Thank you,” to the Black Alabamian voters for overwhelmingly casting their ballots for Doug Jones. The number of women who voted for Moore baffle me. Well, to be honest, anyone who voted for Moore baffle me at some level.

Still, it’s a victory to savor. The former U.S. attorney who successfully prosecuted two of the Ku Klux Klansmen who bombed the small church in Birmingham in 1963 bested the outspoken, bigoted Roy Moore. After work, I’ll take a closer look at the Washington Post’s informative infographics. For now, I’m walking with a little spring in my step.


  1. Nancy Milburn says:

    Stayed up to watch the results with great interest and trepidation similar to the mood around a presidential election! Whew! A squeaker. The write in votes coupled with the great Democratic turnout, largely African Americans, won this. A ray of hope.

  2. Patricia Hardesty says:

    I am temporarily overwhelmed so there isn’t a spring in my step but there is a spring in my heart. That Time cover had an elbow in the lower right corner to represent all of the anonymous #MeToo victims. That Persons of the Year event meant a lot to me, too. Thanks, Mary!

  3. Thank you Mary. The vote gives me hope that right can win over might (money).

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